MILLER CITY/PUTNAM COUNTY — Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022 marked the 68th annual Putnam County Science Fair held in person at Miller City-New ClevelandLocal Schools.

“The winter weather caused some cancellations the day before and there was a live virtual plan in place, however with the help from some fantastic road and maintenance crews we were able to be together in person,” Melissa Basinger, curriculum coordinator with the Putnam County Educational Service Center, and a principal in coordinating the annual Science Fair, said. In total, 64 projects were presented by Putnam County students in seventh through ninth grade. Projects were judged on knowledge achieved, effective use of the scientific method, clarity of expression, and originality and creativity. Projects receiving a score of 36-40 (45-50 for teams) were awarded a superior rating; those receiving scores of 24-35 (30-44) were awarded an excellent rating; and those receiving 12-23 (15-29) were awarded a good rating.

This year three individual students and one team project earned a perfect score on their projects. Plaques awarded for their accomplishments were sponsored by Premier Bank, Ottoville Bank Company, Fort Jennings State Bank, and First National Bank. Award winners include:

• Bryn Casper, Kalida - “The Effects of P.A.P. on Test Results”

• Kylie Peck, Kalida - “Snacks used to Increase Athletic Performance”

• Brooklyn Koester, Ottoville - “What Effect Does Upper vs. Lower Body Workout Have on Heart Rate?”

• Morgan Bockrath and Kennedy Simon, Kalida - “Effects of Timed Tests on Test Anxiety”

In total, 30 Putnam County students received superior ratings. Students earning a superior rating include:

• Fort Jennings - Landon Calvelage, Madilyn Crawford, Chase German, Ryan Kahle, Hudson Maag, Tenley Sarka

• Glandorf - Lauren Kimmet, Griffin Leopold, Colin Steffen, Mitchell Moening

• Kalida - Bryn Casper, Cody Decker, Henry Maag, Kylie Peck, Maya Wehri, Morgan Bockrath and Kennedy Simon

• Miller City-New Cleveland - Addison Ellerbrock, Marissa Carr, Gavin Niese, Brandon Reynolds, Reagan Schiffer and Jesse Lammers

• Ottoville - Evan Altenburger, Liam Druckemiller, Riley Geise, Kiley Hilvers, Brooklyn Koester, Ava Martz, Landen Saxton, Jackson Sehlhorst, Joseph Leis

• St. Anthony - Lylah Wilson

• Sts. Peter & Paul - Addyson Bellman and Carlie Crawfis

Sponsors are an important part of the Putnam County Science Fair. Through their generous support the students are able to receive a large variety of plaques and cash prizes in individual fields of entry. Special award categories, sponsors and award winners include:

Advanced Scientist Challenge, High School - Jed & Mary Osborn & Putnam Educational Foundation:

• Anna Keeler, Miller City-New Cleveland

Agriculture - Ottawa Feed & Grain Co, Inc.:

• Landon Calvelage, Fort Jennings

• Maya Wehri, Kalida

Animal Science - Jim Kieffer Family:

• Isabelle Rieman, Miller City-New Cleveland

Behavioral Science/Mental Health - Pathways Counseling Center, Medical Mutual & Putnam County Medical Association - Dr. Woodruff:

• Miriam Ellerbrock, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Anna Niese, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Kendal Schultz and Grant Siefer, Kalida

Botany - Town & Country Flowers:

• Maya Wehri, Kalida

• Isaac Brinkman, Ottoville

Chemistry - Tucker’s Pharmacy, Medical Mutual & Ottawa PC Repair• Liam Druckemiller, Ottoville • Lauren Kimmet, Glandorf• Riley Geise, Ottoville

Conservation - Putnam County Soil & Water and The Quarry Farm Nature Preserve & Conservation Farm:

• Addison Ellerbrock and Marissa Carr, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Mitchell Moening, Glandorf

• Grant Leopold

Dairy Related - Jim Kieffer Family:

• Lylah Wilson

Dental - Putnam County Dental Association - Dr. Thomas Siefker:

• Evan Altenburger, Ottoville

• Kylie Peck, Kalida

Ecological Conservation - K & L Ready Mix:

• Chase Furley, Ottoville

• Chase German, Fort Jennings

Effective use of Scientific Method - Verhoff Machine & Welding:

• Tenley Sarka, Fort Jennings

• Avery Birnesser, St. Anthony

Energy - K & L Ready Mix:

• Travis Demuth, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Jackson Selhorst

Engineering - Technicon Design Group, Inc.:

• Colin Steffen, Glandorf

• Cody Decker and Henry Maag, Kalida

Environmental - Glandorf Warehouse, Inc., and Nutrien Ag Solutions:

• Addison Ellerbrock and Marissa Carr, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Mitchell Moening, Glandorf

• Maya Wehri, Kalida

Medical - Family Chiropractic Center - Dr. Brian Saxton & Jim Kieffer Family:

• Carlie Siefker, Ruby Vandercook, and Brooke Tucker, Kalida

• Brooklyn Koester, Ottoville

• Anna Niese, Miller City-New Cleveland

Nutrition/Fitness/Health - Putnam County Health Department & Putnam County Medical Association

• Zach Unverferth and Cooper Horstman, Kalida

• Kendall Schnipke, Ottoville

• Carlie Siefker, Ruby Vandercook, Brooke Tucker, Kalida

Originality & Creativity - K&L Ready Mix

• Miriam Ellerbrock, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Bryn Casper, Kalida

• Madilyn Crawford, Fort Jennings

Outstanding Presentation - K&L Ready Mix

• Landon Saxton, Ottoville

• Bryn Casper, Kalida

Outstanding Report - Retired Teachers of Putnam County

• Brooklyn Koester, Ottoville

• Kiley Hilvers, Ottoville

Outstanding Team Project - Jed & Mary Osborn & Putnam Educational Foundation

• Morgan Bockrath and Kennedy Simon, Kalida

• Reagan Schiffer and Jesse Lammers, Miller City-New Cleveland

Physics Award - Ottoville Hardware

• Calvin Menke, Fort Jennings

• Brandon Reynolds, Miller City-New Cleveland

Physiology/Human Health - Mercy Health - Putnam County Medical Center & Medical Mutual

• Zach Unverferth & Cooper Horstman, Kalida

• Anna Niese, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Tenley Sarka, Fort Jennings

Sight Related - Glandorf Lions Club & Ottawa Lions Club

• Brennen Langhals, St. Anthony

• Miriam Ellerbrock, Miller City-New Cleveland

Solid Waste Management - Putnam County Commissioners

• Landon Calvelage

Technology - Ottawa PC Repair

• Rick Barteck and Rick Carder

• Griffin Leopold

Veterinary - Jim Kieffer Family

• Isabelle Rieman, Miller City-New Cleveland

Water Quality - Blanchard River Watershed Partnership

• Colin Steffen, Glandorf

• Addison Ellerbrock and Marissa Carr, Miller City-New Cleveland

• Young Scientist Challenge, Grades 6-8 - Jed & Mary Obsorn & Putnam Educational Foundation

• Bryn Casper, Kalida

The PCESC was effusive in its thanks of the following judges who volunteered their time for this wonderful event: Jackie Homan, Jim Short, Becky Leader, Dave Leader, Tricia May, Bonnie Brooks, Bob Gerdeman, Tom Diehl, Katrina Magers, Bridget Fischer, Marilyn Calvelage, Michelle Kortokrax, Lyn Subler, Keith Schierloh, Tim Wehri, Jacob Honigford, Roger Minier, Chris Brown, Shawn Knodell, Matt Selhorst, Adam Schnipke, Ron Honigford, Pat Recker, Shane Coleman, Mandy Verhoff, Rick Carder, Al Hueve, Brian Schroeder, Toni Rieger, Harold Gerten, Randy Buss, Brian Beining, Kevin Erford, Jeff Jostpille, Heather Harmon, Jeanne Wehri, Robb Schultz, Nancy Kroeger and Rita Schnipke.

Special thanks was extended to the administration and staff of Miller City-New Cleveland Local Schools for hosting the 2022 Putnam County Science Fair, including Kerry Johnson, Superintendent, Matt Fry, High School Principal, Dusty Pester, Elementary School Principal, and Jared Kern, technology coordinator. Additional thanks goes to the Miller City-New Cleveland staff and student volunteers. Thank you to Miller City-New Cleveland Science teachers Bonnie Brooks, Kevin Erford, Jennifer Croft and Toni Rieger. Finally, a special thank you to Katelyn Gerding, Gary Herman, and Dr. Jan Osborn for all of their assistance and support throughout the Science Fair.

The next steps for students include the Regional and District Science Fairs, State Science Day, and International Science Fair. Regionals will be held at Northwest State Community College in Archbold on Saturday, Feb. 26 and Districts, held virtually, will take place on Saturday, March 26. If students receive high enough ratings at the District Science Fair, they are eligible to compete at the State Science Day, hosted virtually by The Ohio Academy of Science. The International Science Fair will be held May 8 through 13 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Putnam County Science Fair is coordinated by the Putnam County Educational Service Center and science teachers from several districts within Putnam County.