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John Schlumbohm

PUTNAM COUNTY — It’s likely Pandora Mayor John Schlumbohm will trade his office in Pandora for one in the county courthouse next January. Yesterday, Schlumbohm resoundingly defeated his opponent, Franklin T. Miller, for the Republican nomination to county commissioner on next November’s ballot.

Schlumbohm carried nearly 81 percent of the vote, defeating Miller 3,439 to 828, thereby clinching the GOP seat.

However, with the absence of a Democratic rival and no one filing as an independent for the fall election — leaving only the potential for write-in opponents with the odds historically stacked highly against them — Schlumbohm is the county’s new defacto commissioner.

“For one thing, I want to thank everyone who supported me,” Schlumbohm said. “Through this whole election process, the outpouring of positive comments to me is pretty humbling, to be honest with you. I will absolutely do my best and try to make the appropriate decisions based on the knowledge at hand.”