PUTNAM COUNTY — Happy Easter! This past weekend was full of Easter gatherings and celebrations, many of which included eggs. Perhaps you also noticed the abundance of eggs while watching little ones run about the lawn looking for hidden colorful, plastic eggs filled with goodies, while dying or coloring hard boiled eggs, while eating deviled eggs…or my personal favorite, chocolate eggs!

No matter the tradition, it is fitting that eggs play an important role in the Easter season. Eggs and springtime go hand in hand. After all, the egg is a symbol of rebirth, new life, and hope for many cultures and religions.

As longer, warmer days signal all of nature to awake from the winter slumber, many birds that fly to warmer areas for the winter return to Ohio to build their nests and lay their eggs. Robins, purple martins, and other songbirds are making their appearance across the county. Geese, ducks, and even my backyard chickens are now laying a generous amount of eggs!

Eggs are not just a novelty of nature that we enjoy in the spring. In fact, eggs are a staple food for many families. They provide a nutritious, low-cost source of protein and vitamins, in addition to other health benefits. Locally, backyard flocks and commercial laying houses raise egg-laying chickens year-round.

Did you know that Ohio is second in the nation in egg production? Nearly one out of every ten eggs purchased in the US comes from Ohio. We are home to over 31 million egg-laying hens, including many residing in Putnam County. These ladies are hard at work producing over 9 billion eggs each year!

Interested in tasting homegrown Putnam county eggs? We personally invite you to come and taste locally laid eggs from Grote Farms (and other breakfast items) at the Farmers’ Share Breakfast on Saturday, April 14 in St. John’s Fellowship Hall in Glandorf (in the old school). The breakfast is FREE to all and will be served from 8:00 am until 10:00 am. In addition to the delicious, free breakfast, the first annual Putnam County Agriculture Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held at 9:00 am recognizing several individuals who have made egg-cellent contributions in agriculture.

Please join us for the breakfast and ceremony hosted by the Putnam County Farm Bureau, OSU Extension – Putnam County, and Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District – and spread the word to friends and family. Come one, come all, and come with an appetite!