FORT JENNINGS - Fort Jennings Student Council recently sponsored a Penny Stall in the high school. Students were asked to bring in pennies to put in buckets before each class period in their teacher's room. Before the teacher could start class, the teacher had to count all the pennies, thus stalling the class period. Students could also buy pennies from the "bank" help in Jeff Jostpille's room - the Student Council Advisor. The first $1,500 in pennies sold out in 16 minutes before school ever started.

Throughout the day, some teachers had anywhere from $10 to over $322 brought in each period. If the teacher realized that they would never be able to count it all in one period, the students were required to help out. In one day the students were able to donate over $2,700. This is $400 over last year's Penny Stall.

Proceeds from the Penny Stall are being given to the St. Joseph's Catholic Church Food Pantry, purchasing items for the Putnam County Community Thrift store, and to buy items for the Toys for Tots Christmas program.

A big thank you to all the students and staff at Fort Jennings for supporting this fundraiser for charity.