PANDORA — Above are the students from Pandora-Gilboa School (grades K-4) who have been chosen as “Rocket of the Month.” During the month of March, grades 1-4 focused on, “Being a Leader,” and Kindergarten worked on, “Problem Solving.”

The students are (back row): Denton Leatherman, Ethan Suter, Carter Berger, Natalie Long, Laila Wentz, Matthew Friia, Tanner Bott, Grady Gerding (Second Row-)Brianna Hoffman, Emily Maag, Carter Fuerst, Lailynn Okuly, Karlee Weisenberger, Emma Reichley, Will Schulte, Aubree Sunderhaus, and Wade Harwell; (front row): Wyatt Hixon, Kendra Long, Charlotte Wolfe, Rebecca Stall, Kadreye Scoles, Gavin Thaman, Coleton Owens. Not Pictured: David Triggs.