CONTINENTAL — Continental Village Council heard several updates on various activities within the village during its regular meeting on August 27.

Mayor Matt Miller provided follow-up information regarding the property at the corner of Ash and Sixth Streets. The owner, Blake Baltrip, had requested the property be returned to a commercial zone, in order to build a hair salon. As the Zoning Board found no issue with rezoning the property, council accepted the board’s recommendation.

The village will again rent its Christmas lights from HAP Industries, which is located in Jonesboro, Indiana. Mayor Miller explained the village will need to get on HAP’s list in September or October, in order to get the best selection. “This has worked out well the past two years,” Miller commented.

The review board inspected some of the properties around town for the purposes of condemning on August 20. Miller reported that board would move forward with some condemnation processes, and specifically stated it viewed a house at Fourth and Grove Streets that had been destroyed in a fire. Village Solicitor Scott Welch’s firm is conducting title search work to determine the status of each of the properties. Welch informed council some of the properties have state tax liens on them, while others still have mortgages, and described how those liens and mortgages affect the properties. “There are some issues,” he told council.

The rail spur at West Rice and North Sixth Streets is being repaired, and will not be completed until the end of October. There is a detour at this time to divert traffic. The mayor said he will inform the school that the railroad approved replacing the stop signs with yield signs.

Miller accumulated a list over the past year of trees that need to be trimmed. Dave Niese will trim the trees, hopefully prior to the Continental Fall Festival.

The fall flush will not be initiated until October, as the spring flush was just completed in July. The maintenance employees have looked at waterline upgrades to run new mains, and hydrant replacements in conjunction with that. “Bigger lines mean more water and more pressure,” Miller declared. “It will benefit the village and the residents.”

Along that same vein, the mayor talked about looking at the property at the southwest corner of Ash and Third Street, where there have been water issues. Plans have been made to put a catch basin at the corner of First and Ash Streets, and to put another basin in a ditch directly north of the Ash and Third Street property, as this will potentially benefit other properties along that area. Miller also talked to a contractor about a sanitary sewer infrastructure project on the Eighth Street extension, as that would benefit several properties.

Fiscal Officer Susan Darby reported the new village credit cards have been activated and are working well. Council approved transferring funds that were in a debit card account to a checking account, in order to close the debit account, which has just under $8.000 in it. Darby said she would provide the finance committee with a report on the account balances, so it can decide what to do with that money.

In other business, council approved:

• the second reading of the Resolution Accepting Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying Them to the County Auditor.

• two building permits; one for a cement driveway and a sidewalk at 301 North Third Street, and the other for a front porch and roof at 404 West Rice Street.

• a reduction in a sewer bill for a resident on North Main Street who had discovered a water leak in the middle of his yard. The resident had gone through 79,000 gallons of water prior to the leak being repaired.

The next regular meeting of the Continental Village Council will be held on Tuesday, September 10, at 7 p.m. at the town hall.