CONTINENTAL — Continental Village Council approved a bid for an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) grant project and continued to explore a solution for semi-tractor/trailer parking during its regular meeting on December 11.

Mayor Matt Miller related he had completed further research on the two lowest bidders for the OPWC water meter replacement project. The lower bid specs used Zenner meters and was $18,000 lower. However, the village would be required to run two separate programs to read the meters and the company could not guarantee that both programs would work with the current billing system. Miller recommended staying with the Sensus meters and going with the company with the second lowest bid, Bryan Excavating. Half of the project cost will be paid through the grant, while the village will pay the other half. Council voted to allow the mayor to enter into a contract with Bryan Excavating for this project.

Another portion of the OPWC project will be to replace 25 meter pits. Village Maintenance employee Gary Samlow is in the process of documenting the condition of the existing meter pits. The mayor and council continued to discuss a solution for semi-tractor/trailer parking in the village. The side streets were not built to handle that amount of weight, and it tears up the streets. Council reviewed a restricted truck parking ordinance that an area community has in place; this may be a starting point for drafting an amendment to Continental’s current ordinance. The village does have parking for four trucks in a stone lot on East Rice Street, which are available on a first-come basis.

Miller gave an update on the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant projects. The sidewalks have all been poured. Of note, the contractor and the Putnam County Commissioners have assured the village that homeowners’ yards will be restored along the new sidewalks in the Spring. The majority of the new playground equipment has been installed; a few pieces will be installed at a later date. Although the water line for the restrooms has been tapped, the restrooms will not be operational during due to insufficient heat. In other business, council:

• reviewed and passed the appropriations for the first three months of 2019. The total of all temporary appropriations is $634,485;

• agreed to renew the contract with the mobile home park to plow snow, at a cost of $30 per plowing pass through the park; and

• reviewed the end of the year debt report. The ending balance of all the village loans is $1,747,176. $1,335,633 of the total are interest-free loans. The village paid off three loans this year.

Continental Village Council will next meet in regular session on Wednesday, Dec. 26, at 7 p.m. at the town hall.