CONTINENTAL — Bids received for an Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) Grant project and the NRG (Neighborhood Revitalization Grant) update highlighted the Continental Village Council meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 27.

Mayor Matt Miller described the village was awarded OPWC funding, which will be used for new water meters and a radio meter read drive-by apparatus. The village will pay half the cost of the project. Miller announced all four bids were below the project’s estimated budget of $135,200. The two lowest bidders were Utility Sales Agency, LLC, from Clayton, Ohio ($106,422) and Bryan Excavating, from Bryan, Ohio ($128,750). As the two bids utilize different types of meters, Miller had questions about compatibility with the current system. Village Administrator Kathy Prowant questioned if the village would be able to keep the current billing system. Although training is part of the grant, Miller said he would check on that aspect. Council approved allowing the mayor to enter into a contract with the better of the two companies.

Miller reported the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant work has advanced. The Sparling Park restroom facility continues to climb vertically, and will progress, dependent upon weather. Schimmoeller Construction has continued work on sidewalks. Miller said he has received numerous questions regarding disruption to properties, including grass. The village will tackle grass seeding and rut repair in the spring. He cautioned residents to not use regular salt on new sidewalks, as that will erode and weaken the concrete. He requested residents contact the village office for de-icing recommendations.

Miller has received a couple complaints about semi/tractor trailer truck traffic utilizing side streets in the village. Although the village does have an ordinance for this on Main Street, there is no such ordinance addressing side streets. Main Street is equipped for heavier traffic, but the side streets are not. Miller would like to broach this topic, as the cost of street repairs is increasing.

Councilman Mike Varner pointed out there would need to be exceptions for construction vehicles and school buses. Council agreed to look further into this issue. Village Fiscal Officer Susan Darby offered to ask other villages about their ordinances for direction.

Putnam County Habitat for Humanity has planned its first renovation in the county at 203 North Eighth Street. Habitat requested, and council approved, a building permit for the work. In addition, council approved a permit for roofing at 303 East Rice Street.

Council awarded Christmas bonuses for village employees. They reviewed the list of employees and determined the amount of each person’s bonus, based on the number of hours of service to the Village this calendar year. Council plans to create a formal policy for this matter.

In other agenda items, council:

• moved its second meeting in December to Wednesday, Dec.26.

• learned a new high-service pump will be installed on November 29. One of the current pumps, a remanufactured one, will also be replaced and will be used as a backup; •heard a recurring water leak on Maple Street will be repaired this week.

• learned the village will be paying off the loan for the pickup truck, the third loan removed from the books this year.

The next regular meeting of the will take place Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018, at 7 p.m., at the town hall.