Putnam County Courthouse

PUTNAM COUNTY — The Putnam County Courthouse and all county offices will be going to a Level Two emergency, limiting public traffic to essential county business for two weeks, matching the timing and guidelines from the Ohio health director, March 24 to April 6.

No one will be allowed in the courthouse without an appointment with the correct department and you will be asked at the security station if you have made the appropriate appointment. To determine if your business is essential, please call the courthouse at 419-523-8700, and the appropriate department extension, or check www.putnamcountyohio.gov for information relative to a Putnam County business issue. Additionally, all department heads and elected officials will reduce staffing levels to cover essential services while observing social distancing.

The court system has also posted guidelines, including the following message, “For all court hearings, due to concerns regarding COVID-19, only the following will be allowed in the courthouse: Defendants, Victim and Victim Advocate, Attorneys, Subpoenaed Witnesses, and Individuals with court approval. Friends and Family, including children and non-parties are not permitted.”