OTTAWA/OTTOVILLE — With just over three weeks left before the hotly contested presidential election in November, county residents turned out this past weekend, showing their support for their individual candidates in their individual ways.

On Saturday, roughly 30 adults and a handful of children took part in the Putnam County Democratic Party’s Stridin’ with Biden walk in Ottawa.

Carrying what were, for the most part, hand-made signs, participants walked from North Perry Street along the north side of Main Street to the courthouse. Passing cars honked their horns, which was all the encouragement the Biden supporters needed to cheer and wave.

At the courthouse, they paused for a collective photo, then broke into smaller groups to discuss the current political climate, their hopes for their candidate, and for the future of the nation.

Then, in Ottoville on Sunday, supporters of President Trump held their own celebratory gathering.

Meeting in the parking lot of the village’s municipal building, and overflowing into that of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, dozens of vehicles rallied for what is now a ubiquitous Trump parade through town.

Pick-ups, hot rods, tractors, SUVs, family sedans, motorcycles, golf carts, and ATVs flying an assortment of flags caravaned through the village. With stereos blaring patriotic pop songs, well over 100 participants drove by dozens of well-wishers camped out along sidewalks and in yards.

Reconvening in the parking lot, the celebrants bought chicken dinners outside the church — part of the parish’s annual festival, this year limited due to the pandemic — and, like their counterparts from the day before, laid plans for four more years.