PUTNAM COUNTY - HHWP Community Action Commission's Head Start program will be making some adjustments to its programs as a response to funding cuts due to Sequestration.

Sequestration took place after Congress and the White House were unable to reach an agreement on how to reduce the federal deficit. According to the National Head Start Association, the 5.27 percent reduction is the largest cut the program has ever experienced. The Agency Board and Policy Council have approved reductions in the following areas to meet the Sequestration order: closing the program one week early; starting the next program year one week later; management staff taking up to five furlough days; a reduction of 20 children from the program and elimination of transportation in Hancock County.
Steps are being taken to determine if there are alternative solutions to the transportation reduction. This will not be known until mid-summer.

The program will continue to recruit this summer and families are encouraged to apply early. More information is available by contacting the main CAC office in Findlay at 419-423-3755 or calling the toll free number of 1-800-423-4304.