Kirk Smith
Kirk Smith

AUBURN, INDIANA — Kirk Smith, 30, Fort Jennings, pleaded guilty to charges of bigamy in DeKalb County Superior Court, Auburn, Indiana. A jury trial scheduled for June 17 was cancelled and the judge ordered a pre-sentence investigation to be completed by July 8. Sentencing was scheduled for July 13 at 3 p.m.

According to court documents from the Superior Court, Det. Brady N. Thomas of the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department, started an investigation into the case Nov. 20, 2018. He spoke to Krysta Smith who stated she and Kirk Smith received a marriage license from Noble County Indiana and were married in Allen County on June 4, 2012. Krysta reported Kirk Smith moved out of their residence a year later.

“Krysta said they discussed getting a divorce, but neither one of them had the money to pay for it,” the court document stated.

On Nov. 19, 2018. Krysta Smith stated she spoke to a Leslie Smith asking her how long she was married to Kirk Smith. Krysta told her they were still legally married. Leslie Smith told Krysta she and Kirk Smith got married on Nov 15, 2018.

A public records check showed that a Leslie Barton married Kirk Smith on Nov. 15, 2018. There were no records found of a divorce that was filed between Kirk Smith and Krysta Smith.

Thomas interviewed Kirk Smith who admitted he and Krysta Smith separated but never divorced because of cost. He admitted he and Leslie Barton got married and moved to Fort Jennings, Ohio.

“Kirk said he knew he was still married to Krysta when he married Leslie,” the documents stated.

Last year, Kirk Smith was charged with domestic violence while living in Fort Jennings. The charge was dropped July 9. 2019 due to the Indiana indictment.