KALIDA — During its regular meeting, Kalida council learned that another part-time officer, Adam Meyer, has resigned from the Kalida Police Department in good standing. His reason for resigning, according to Police Chief Jim Gulker, has to do with his full time job and prior commitments. At the Aug.19 Kalida Council meeting, Chief Gulker reported that part-time officer Russell Lammers had resigned following his promotion to Captain with the Columbus Grove Police Department.

A new part-time officer candidate has been identified, and Chief Gulker expects them to attend the Sept. 16 council meeting.

Chief Gulker also informed council that the fire department’s old equipment van has been sold. And, that one of the decorative street lights near the Pizzeria had been sheared off by a young driver. The light was expected to remain out of service through Pioneer Days, and then be replaced. A claim will be submitted to the driver’s insurance for the cost.

Mayor Al Gerdeman reported that the concrete path connecting Froggy Park to Hickory and Birch streets in the subdivision just north of the park has been poured. As of last Tuesday’s meeting, dirt still needed to be filled-in and seeded alongside the pathway. This will be completed by park board volunteers as part of the community’s in-kind contribution to the project.

A second extension of the pathway, which will take it all the way out to 4 Seasons Park, is included as part of a grant funding application that remains under review. The village expects to learn the results of that review soon.

Mayor Gerdeman again introduced the topic of setting hours for the village’s parks, citing recent incidents at 4 Seasons Park. Doing so would make being in the park a misdemeanor trespassing violation when a person does so outside posted hours. This would give police officers probable cause for approaching such individuals and inquiring as to their reason for being in the park.

Council member Craig Stechschulte agreed to initiate a discussion with the Park Board regarding setting hours for the parks.

With the water boil order lifted last Saturday, Sept. 7, the water service portion of the Walnut St. project is complete. Construction crews have started on the street reconstruction itself.

Council also heard a bit of good news regarding the project. It was assumed that sections along the north and south sides of the street would need additional drainage infrastructure installed. However, once dug up, these sections were revealed to already be laid with stone, a natural drain for the waterway, and not dirt as had been anticipated. Since additional drainage will not need to be installed, the project will save an estimated $15,000.

However, the extra work needed in time and material for the water service will likely offset these savings. Tentatively, a new completion date was estimated to be in the middle of October for the project.

Near the end of the meeting, council went into executive session to discuss possible litigation. No comment was made following the end of executive session.

The next meeting of the Kalida Village Council will take place on Monday, Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are open to the public, and they are invited to attend.