O-G Superintendent Kevin Brinkman.
O-G Superintendent Kevin Brinkman.
By Alex Woodring

Staff Writer

OTTAWA - The Ottawa-Glandorf Board of Education accepted Superintendent Kevin Brinkman's retirement and subsequently rehired him at Tuesday night's board meeting. With this action the school district will save $26,000 due to reduced salary and benefits.

Brinkman, in his 30th year in education, put in his resignation - submitted for purposes of initiating earned retirement benefits - effective June 30. After accepting the resignation, the board then employed Brinkman as superintendent for an interim term that will last from July 2 through July 31.

The Board then moved to employ Brinkman as Superintendent for a term of three years beginning Aug. 1 and concluding July 31, 2016.
Under Brinkman's new contract he will have a reduced salary ($95,000 to $82,500) and will be paying into his own retirement rather than the district.

"I appreciate the support of the Board of Education in making this action," said Brinkman. "It means a lot to me and I hope it means a lot to the school district so that we can carry on with the positive things going on in the district."

It was important for Brinkman to get his retirement in this year due to changes in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) beginning July 1.

"The biggest reason why many people in the state of Ohio are considering retiring this year is because of changes in STRS," Brinkman said. "They initiated many changes that not only affect retirement this year, but the rest of your retirement days. That has a lot of people thinking what they want to do and when they need to retire and if it isn't for this year, then you would lose an awful lot in your retirement benefits."

The board attributed their reasoning for rehiring Brinkman to his high quality performance and the financial relief it would bring to the district.

"Kevin has done such a great job and we wanted to continue that," said board Vice President Becky Leader.