By Alex Woodring

Staff Writer

PUTNAM COUNTY - As a new Dollar General continues construction in Kalida, Columbus Grove has rejected the chain's request to construct while the Pandora request is currently under debate.

Construction is rapidly under way for Dollar General in Kalida on U. S. State Route 224 across from Unverferth Manufacturing.
Once completed, the new Dollar General will be the county's fourth with locations already in Continental, Leipsic and Ottawa.

The chain, which has over 10,000 stores, was not as warmly received by the Village of Columbus Grove. Whereas Kalida officials did not hear of any concerns regarding the construction, Grove officials barred any building of a Dollar General late last year.

Columbus Grove council members, as well as members on the planning commission, believed that a majority of the public was opposed to a Dollar General due to the effect it would have on already established community commerce.

The fate of the potential Dollar General in Pandora is still uncertain. As Dollar General makes traffic count assessments, members of the Pandora community debate whether or not it should be built. Ted Sigler of Ted's Market began a petition opposing the construction as he feared the effect it would have on his and other Pandora businesses. According to Sigler, his supplier has reported he will lose 20 percent of his sales. Sigler had 300 signatures on his petition. According to the 2010 census, the Village of Pandora has a population of 1,153.

Despite Sigler's protest, council has moved forward with the sale of nearly 1 1/2 acres to Franklin Land Associates for $64,000.

Once Dollar General finishes its traffic counts it will meet with the village council's real estate committee later this month. Residents and officials should know for certain after this meeting whether Dollar General will build in Pandora.