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OTTAWA — The Village of Ottawa will join a coalition of Ohio municipalities challenging legislation already enacted by the State. During Monday’s meeting, council voted 4-2 to wholly support litigation seeking a stay in the implementation of aspects of HB 49, Governor John Kasich’s budget bill, until a decision is reached as to their constitutionality.

Under the bill, the state offers businesses the opportunity to file their net-profit taxes directly with Ohio’s Department of Taxation. It will then distribute the received funds back to the individual municipalities, less a one percent service fee. For Ohio’s cities and villages, the action is perceived as not only a loss of revenue, but a diminishment of home rule as the state’s constitution provides for tax collection by local municipalities.

While presenting the issue to council for a third reading, Village Solicitor Joseph Schroeder expressed qualified support for joining the cause. Rather than adopt an all-in approach, Schroeder recommended changing the ordinance before council and limiting...

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