PANDORA — How best to address the issue of aging infrastructure was a topic of some discussion during Tuesday’s meeting of the Pandora Village Council.

Village Administrator Rick Morrison raised the issue specifically referencing the village’s storm sewer, advising council the village’s storm sewer is its old combined system, and “very old.”

“I had went to Ohio Rural Water Training up in Hamler and the instructor was talking about a lot communities doing it, some are just starting it, but it’s a Storm Sewer Fund,” Morrison said, broaching the subject of additional appropriations for repair. “You don’t really think much of your storm, but down the road as that breaks down where’s the money going to come from to replace it?”

Morrison suggested a $1 monthly add-on to bills sent to village water customers as a means of generating, at least in part, monies necessary for what are likely inevitable repairs to the storm sewer.

Through that $12 per year to each customer, Fiscal Officer/Tax Administrator Kim Reese estimated an annual income of roughly $6,000.

While recognizing the potential need, council members also expressed some hesitation.

“How are you going to approach that to consumers, since we already raised all the rates, and everything?” Councilor Diane Braidic asked.

“Definitely everybody’s rates have gone up, and I’m not exempt from that,” Mayor Jeremy Leichty said.

“We are building toward a (water) tower, but the general public hasn’t seen that yet,” Councilor Steve Tadena added.

Addressing Braidic’s question at its most fundamental, Reese advised, “We would have to establish an ordinance to do this; have the three readings, advise customers, and I would have to set it up in the billing software.”

Council debated the issue briefly, but took no immediate action, and tabled the matter pending further discussion.

Along a similar line, at the request of Morrison, council also revisited ordinances regarding water and waste water tap-ins.

During a recent new construction tap-in, Morrison had cause to review village ordinances. As written, home owners have the opportunity to hire an outside contractor to facilitate such, something Morrison would understandably prefer to keep in-house.

“Honestly, I don’t think we want, unless we hire them and know them, I don’t think we want anybody touching our water or sewer lines, personally,” Morrison said. “We work with people that we know their skills, we know their tenderness around our water lines and things.”

Ultimately, council turned the issue over to Village Solicitor Scott Basinger, who will review the ordinance as written, and present council with an alternative.

In other business, council:

• heard the third readings and passed two ordinances allowing the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform maintenance and repairs on streets and roads within the village, as well as effect the removal and control of snow and ice.

• approved a water forgiveness request from a village resident, reducing a single monthly bill from $311.67 to $89.

The next regular meeting of the Pandora Village Council is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 24, at 7 p.m. in the village offices.