The entrance sign for Pandora Park. (file photo)
The entrance sign for Pandora Park. (file photo)

PANDORA — Despite the havoc being caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, there has not been too much of a negative impact on village funds - yet.

All councilors met together May 12 for the first time since early March. The meeting was conducted at the Arthur-Lugibihl Community Center and a thermometer was available to check temperatures. Councilors were seated at an appropriate social distance from each other during the meeting.

Fiscal Officer Kim Reese reported she looked at figures from the first quarter of the year and compared it to the same period last year. From January through April, the village saw payroll withholding at $13,041.22, which was an increase from the same period last year. The local government fund, gasoline and license tax stood at $11,559, also an increase from 2019. But interest earned was down $134 from three of the village CD’s renewed so far this year. Reese noted unemployment compensation is not subject to income tax. The CARES Act approved by Congress only covers expenses related to the COVID-19 virus. So far, the village only has about $200 in expenses related to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Rob Fawcett of UIS Insurance, was present to discuss the village liability coverage since renewal of the policy is coming up. The community center was a major topic of discussion as the village owns the building, but a 501c3 operates it. Fawcett said the village is protected under the policy, but the 501c3 is not. A question came up about baseball games in the summer in the village park. Fawcett again noted the village is protected by the policy if something happens during a game.

“I don’t know if they have liability or not, your policy will protect you,” Fawcett said.

Fawcett said multiple villages have the same issue. In a perfect world, recreation groups would have liability coverage, but he said it can be expensive. When the community center has an open gym and someone gets hurt, the village is covered if something happens, unless there are maintenance issues the village never took care of, then the village could be held liable. The mayor, Councilor Tim Gray and the Village Administrator will review the list of village equipment to see if there are changes needed before the premium comes up for renewal in July.

Following a lengthy discussion, council approved a measure that anyone using the free weights in the community center, must have someone else present to serve as a spotter so someone else will be available to help if needed.

Council also approved a measure that amended a 2011 ordinance where the village holds the funds from a resident’s insurance in case of a house fire. Insurance companies send the insurance money to the village to hold until improvements in the home are made. It is designed so a resident does not take the insurance funds and leave town where the village is left dealing with the structure. The change creates a fund where the village will hold these funds until proof that the home repairs are completed per the Ohio Revised Code.

The next regular meeting of the Pandora Village Council is scheduled for Tuesday, May 27, at 7 p.m. in the Athur-Lugibihl Community Center.