KALIDA — No quorum could be achieved for the May 21 meeting of the Kalida Village Council. As a result, a special meeting was held on Memorial Day on May 25. The purpose of this special meeting was to complete the village’s portion of the 2018 ODNR Nature Works grant application, which was due on June 1. The Park’s Committee is applying for funds to build a new shelter house on higher ground between the playground equipment and the restroom at Froggy Park.

Council also officially approved the purchase of one tenth an acre of land by the village for the section of the nature trail that will connect Froggy Park with Four Seasons Park. The village is not compensating a landowner for a right of way, but is purchasing the land outright. Once the land purchase is filed with the county’s recorder’s office, the village will be reimbursed from the grant funds supporting the nature trail’s creation.

The new pedestrian bridge for the nature trail is also on order. The bridge is expected to arrive shortly after July 4, and installation should be significantly completed by September 1.

Following research conducted by Police Chief Jim Gulker on Ohio’s Revised Code, council voted for the removal of several parking spaces along Broad St. The removals will primarily occur near street intersections, beginning at Water St. and extending to Melvin St., across from St. Michael’s Church. Community input has been informally sought by council, with Fr. Mark reportedly agreeing that the changes will improve safety.

In addition to bringing the village into compliance with state law, the spaces are being removed to enhance visibility when turning from a side street onto Broad St. To implement the change, the village intends to paint diagonal stripes indicating a space is off limits and provide warnings to motorists for a significant time period before writing parking tickets.

Two residents of Plum Street also visited council seeking clarification on street parking. The street is about to undergo reconstruction and expansion, and the pair had questions regarding how parking in front of their homes would be handled once the work is completed. Currently, the street does not have a curb and some residents park in a rocky area between the sidewalk and the street.

As with other recently completed street projects, Plum Street will be widened to a standard 29 feet with curbing installed. Council assured the two residents that this will provide for enough space for residents living directly across the street from one another to both park on the street. Although bottlenecks may occur when two cars are approaching each other from opposite directions, they will still be able to pass through the street. Cars will also likely slow down during such incidents, improving street safety.

The residents seemed satisfied with the explanations offered, though both took the opportunity to also complain about semi-truck traffic driving down Plum St., instead of exiting the nearby business onto St. Rte. 115. Council agreed that the streets are not built to handle traffic from heavy vehicles.

During the April financial report, Clerk Rita Schroeder reported that the village’s beginning fund balance was $1,317.808.35, with revenues coming in at $299,368.17, and expenditures at $143,116.53, for a final fund balance of $1,474,059.99. Following approval of the financial report, council also approved the transfer of $9,000 from the general fund to the police fund to cover current expenses.

Schroeder also reported to council on the availability of up to $40,000 in grant funds from the Bureau of Workers Compensation. Funds would require a 25 percent match from the village and must be used to purchase equipment or add ons which would improve the safety of village employees. Several such items were briefly discussed and Schroeder will be meeting with a representative of the bureau on Wednesday to further pursue the possibility.

Council also approved a motion to enter into a new contract with a web designer for the purpose of completing a new website for the village. The new contract includes a three-month time frame for completion, which council hopes will expedite the process and help the village to avoid issues that developed with previous web designers.

The next meeting of the Kalida Village Council will take place on Monday, June 18 at the village hall at 7:30 p.m.