ADAMHS Board - Putnam Sentinel

PUTNAM COUNTY — During a March 1 meeting of the Putnam County Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board, Exec. Director Jennifer Horstman, MSW provided an update on an Opioid Response Grant received through the state. The ADAMHS Board has now received the funds, which according to Horstman, “Must be spent for individuals that have an opioid diagnosis.”

“What we’re going to do is bring-in a peer-to-peer program,” she continued. “Like a recovery coach program. Individuals that have been in recovery - they are trained, they’re certified, they’re supervised. They work side-by-side with an individual who is ready to be in recovery.”

“So, anybody with a opioid diagnosis. These funds will be able to pay for the peer-to-peer program…We’re going to contract with Coleman Professional Services out of Lima. They’re going to supervise their peers who are willing to come to Putnam. We had a meeting with Pathways, and with [Common Pleas Court Judge Keith Schierloh]. He wants to use them because he sees the need in the court.”

“[When individuals] don’t get to an appointment, these peers will go track them down. If they’re not showing up to appointments, or to court, or probation, a peer will go find them. Coleman said it was so much more productive.”

“[Coleman] brought a peer along…They said they get so much further with people to get them into recovery because they can talk to them and say what it’s like.” Horstman said, then adding, “And, we can’t do that.”

“I’m excited. It’s something we’ve needed. And now, we have funds to pay for it….The hope out of it, maybe we find a few individuals who have been through recover [in Putnam County]. Then, we can get them trained and have local people who do this.”

Details are still being finalized between Coleman, the courts and other social service agencies. A meeting has been set for March 19 and the new peer-to-peer program is expected to be in place this spring.