OTTAWA — The lights in Ottawa Memorial Park will turn to spotlights to shine upon a multitude of scenes from the Christmas story on Sunday, Dec. 4. From 5:30 to 8 p.m. the park will be wonderfully transformed into the inspiring “Journey to Bethlehem” drive-thru drama. With a live cast of over 50 people, and for one evening only, New Creation Lutheran Church will bring the sights, sounds and story of that first Christmas.

At the 11th Street entrance, traveling visitors will be greeted and given a CD to hear the story retold as they move from scene to scene. As visitors slowly make their way through the park, they will hear a unique retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth. Special gifts will be given to each family or vehicle and to any children inside who take part in the “Journey to Bethlehem.” There is no cost for the journey and everyone is invited. Depending on traffic and pace, the journey lasts approximately 15 minutes.