PUTNAM COUNTY — The Putnam County Recorder’s office has initiated electronic recording (e-recording) of documents and land records through Simplifile, the nation’s largest e-recording service, providing customers with a faster, more efficient way to record documents online.

“Putnam County is very excited to partner with Simplifile to offer e-recording services to our customers,” said Putnam County Recorder Cathy Recker. “This is a technology that is very beneficial to both the recorder’s office as well as submitters around the country. Ohio has a goal to be a ‘business friendly’ state, and the more accessible and efficient our office becomes, the more we can contribute to that goal.”

With e-recording available, Putnam County’s recording customers such as title companies, banks, lien filers, and attorneys, will be able to scan, upload, and submit documents electronically to the recorder’s office, saving time and money on mailing expenses.

“The benefits of e-recording are tremendous for both the recorder and the submitter,” Recker added. “Having the ability to reject a document and receive it back—corrected and recorded the same day—has proven to be very efficient. Customers will benefit from this quick turnaround time, since documents can be submitted and put on record immediately.”

When submitting paper documents by mail, runner or courier service, customers often wait several days or weeks for their documents to be recorded and returned.

“We’re excited to be working with Putnam County and helping to provide them with this easy-to-use, digital recording technology,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile.

"E-recording eally is a win-win for both the county and its submitters as it streamlines and accelerates the overall recording process.”

Paper waste and check-writing expenses are also eliminated with e-recording, as customers are able to securely process payments and recording fees with Putnam County through Simplifile’s web-based service.

With the addition of Putnam County, 25 percent of Ohio’s counties are now e-recording with Simplifile.

For more information about e-recording in Putnam County, call 800-460-5657 or visit simplifile.com.