PUTNAM COUNTY — On Wednesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 5, the Senior Center held its regular Bazaar and Bake Sale featuring a hearty lunch of homemade potato soup, hot dogs and brats, and numerous homemade desserts. The Sentinel visited the fundraiser on that Thursday and asked a few of those present what they appreciated the most about the Putnam County Senior Center.

"My sewing. I really like the sewing. I like to do the Hospice quilts. I made 100 of them, and then I thought, 'I'll make 50 more.' Then I kept going. I stopped counting at 200." Agnus Kleman, retired wallpaper hanger, Ottawa.

"I'm a Board Member. I help out with what's needed, and do a little bit of everything. We do all kinds of things, and we're self-supporting too. These fundraisers help keep us going." Mary Kistler, Ottawa (pictured with Commissioner John Love)

"That it's here. That they have a lot of activities and great food - wonderful, homemade food."  Ruth Ann Stechschulte, retired Ottawa-Glandorf High School teacher, Ottawa

"I just love their food. I go to every one, twice. And, it's for a good cause too. I've been coming around for nearly 20 years." Don Gerding, retired hydraulic machine repairman, just outside Ottawa.