KALIDA — With Sept. 4 being Labor Day, the regular meeting of the Kalida Village Council occurred on Tuesday, Sept. 5. The first order of business was swearing-in its newest member, Craig Stechschulte. He was selected by council to assume the seat vacated by Bob Buss, who resigned during the Aug. 6 meeting. Stechschulte will be taking on the same committee assignments as Buss until the committees are reorganized in the new year.

A meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 19 at 7 p.m. at the village hall to review initial drawings for the new townhall now being created Gillian Stechschulte, architect and firm partner with Technicon Design Group. Stechschulte created the design for Elida’s new townhall.

Near the end of August, Kalida’s village engineer and a member of the BPA travelled to Bowling Green to meet with the Ohio EPA. The two brought with them a preliminary layout for a wastewater treatment plant project. The EPA reportedly did not have any significant issues at this point. Together they projected what conditions might be like in 30 years, with a focus on ammonia level, phosphorus levels, and mercury. The village does not currently have an issue with any of those substances.

Ohio EPA advised that the village’s first step for the project will be applying for a revised National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This allows treated wastewater to be discharged into the Blanchard River. Once that is revised, the village will then be able to submit its plans for the project.

After receiving letters detailing the village’s plan for moving the sidewalk along the north side of Walnut St., which included an offer of a 100 percent rebate on curb assessments as compensation for a property easement, at least one resident has rejected the offer. The resident is reportedly in favor of the widening Walnut St., and understands the reason for the easement, they simply do not wish to lose that much of their front yard.

The project can still be built without the easement. The drawback would be placing the sidewalk directly alongside the curb, which the village considers to be unsafe. The village intends to further consider its options in the matter, which may include the use of invoking eminent domain.

Police Chief Jim Gulker informed council that Jacob Macke had resigned his commission from the police department. He resigned in good standing. According to Gulker, Macke’s full-time position with the Ottawa Police Department, commitments coaching boys soccer, and responsibilities as a parent left little time for him to serve as a part-time officer in Kalida.

This leaves the department with two part-time officers. Gulker will now begin looking for a third, and then perhaps a fourth part-time officer to join the department. The resignation is not expected to impact police coverage in the near-term.

Gulker also provided council with an update on the new police vehicle which has been on order for some time now. Ford has informed Gulker that the vehicle is in transit. It will be delivered to the Statewide Ford dealership and then outfitted with additional police equipment, most of which will be transferred from the current police cruiser. It is hoped to be in service later this fall.

Village Clerk Rita offered a financial report for July, 2018. The month began with a fund balance of $1,421,156.20. Revenues totalled $218,755.88, expenses came in at $122,900.35, leaving the final balance for July at $1,501,011.78.

In addition to members of council, Mayor Gerdeman expects representatives from the village’s BPA, police and fire departments to be present, along with the village engineer. Residents who may wish to view the initial designs and offer comments are invited to attend as well.

In other village news:

• The pedestrian bridge for the new nature path has been placed over Plum Creek, behind the school’s soccer fields.

• The Issue 2 grant application has been submitted for a waterline project along Broad St.

• The Fifth Street has been completed and will soon receive its walk through by council

The next meeting of the Kalida Village Council will be held on Monday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the village hall. All meetings are open to the public and they are invited to attend.