Laughter flowed easily at Grillers Tavern in Columbus Grove during a recent trivia night hosted by Crime Victim Services - Putnam Sentinel
Laughter flowed easily at Grillers Tavern in Columbus Grove during a recent trivia night hosted by Crime Victim Services. (Putnam Sentinel/Martin Verni)

COLUMBUS GROVE — What year was the first Super Bowl played?

Approximately 15-20 area residents formed into four teams at Grillers Tavern last Tuesday evening to enjoy a night of bar trivia. The competition was good-humored in nature. Laughter nearly always erupted as the answers for each round were revealed and players learned how on-the-spot or way-off their responses were.

What was the original name for Columbus Grove?

The prize for the winning team was a gift certificate to Grillers Tavern. The Columbus Grove mainstay also provided its back room for the evening of trivia at no cost. Although the teams clearly wanted to win, everything remained friendly. When one team provided the correct state as an answer, but not the city, the other teams voted to award half a point.

The question which resulted in half a point - Where was the first domestic violence shelter opened?

“A fun time, and also a time we could bring awareness and education around the topic of domestic violence,” says Tammy Baumunk of Crime Victim Services which sponsored the event. October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month and this evening was one of a handful of events organized by CVS to bring attention to the issue.

What state was the first to rescind the right of a man to inflict violence on their partner?

“Rebecca [Peckinpaugh] had the idea to do this,” Baumunk continued. “She’s gone to different events like this at different places.”

The trivia was organized into seven rounds with 10 questions per round. In each round, one or two questions were domestic violence specific questions. In addition to introducing the idea to Putnam County, Peckinpaugh also served as emcee for the evening.

“I thought the evening went very well,” Peckinpaugh stated later. “There was a lot of fun and laughter from the groups playing the game. All of the teams played a very close game with the ‘Rescheduled Hair Appointments’ winning in the end. I thought we were able to provide awareness to domestic violence through the questions added to each round and the information passed out on each table.”

When asked why Grillers served as the bar for the trivia night, Peckinpaugh responded, “The event ended up at Grillers because I called a few different places around Putnam County and they were the first bar/grill to speak up and say that they wanted the event.”

When speaking earlier with Baumunk, she quickly admitted that she and her colleagues were not sure what to expect. With everyone present clearly having a good time, she said it was likely that they would seek to hold similar events in the future.

Baumunk was then asked what, specifically, she thought it would be important for the people of Putnam County to know about domestic violence.

“Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any age, any race, any economic status,” answered Baumunk. “Survivors need our support. If you know someone who is a survivor of domestic violence, or you suspect is experiencing it, reach out to them. See how you can best support them. You can definitely send them our way to talk with them. It’s important to support survivors.”

Crime Victim Services can be reached by calling: 419-523-1111, or toll-free: 1-877-274-7471, or by email:

In addition to the trivia night held this past Tuesday, CVS also sponsored a Take Back the Night event at Grace Mennonite Church in Pandora on Oct. 23. And, yesterday, November 6 from 4:30-6 p.m., all youth were invited to the Leipsic Community Center for Love is Respect: A Guide on Healthy Relationships. There was a discussion on what is healthy and unhealthy in relationships. Snacks and drinks were provided for the youth.

The first Super Bowl was played in 1967. Columbus Grove’s original name was ‘Columbus Grove’ (Axe Handle Junction was a nickname given by railroad operators much later). The first domestic violence shelter was opened in Pasadena, California. The first state to rescind the right of a man to inflict violence on their partner was Alabama. Ohio joined that state in doing so with the passage of the Domestic Violence Act in 1978, which then went into effect in March of 1979.