OTTOVILLE — Ottoville is looking to fill several positions with the village.

Applications are currently being accepted for someone to clean the municipal center. Also announced at Monday’s Council meeting was the resignation of the current Income Tax Administrator. Applicants can obtain applications in the Village Office. The qualified applicant will supervise and direct the assessing, billing and collecting of taxable property and income, and maintain records and files. For more information please contact the Village Office.

Community member Mike Hohlbein was present to request utilities, including electric, water and sewer to his Progressive Drive properties.

Council will check into the cost of a grinder pump. A grinder pump is a wastewater conveyance device. Waste flows from the home pipes into the pump holding tank. Once the wastewater inside the holding tank reaches a certain level, the pump turns on, grinds the waste into a fine liquid and pumps it to the central sewer system.

Council discussed and approved raising the sewer rates by 25 cents per 1,000 gallons beginning Jan. 1, 2019.

The town paving projects are complete, but Darren Leis noted that the walking path in the park has some spots that need the paving patched. Council approved an approximate cost of $2,000 to have the path patched.

Council discussed and is in the process of surveying and obtaining the part of the paved fire department parking lot land that is currently owned by a private party. Surveyor will have a complete report at the next meeting.

The village council is working with the Ottoville Chamber of Commerce to update the pole-mounted Christmas decorations hung along the village streets and are requesting financial donations from local organizations and individuals.

The current pole mounted décor consists half of snowflakes and half of wreaths. Many of the snowflakes have had the bulbs replaced and have been repaired. The first phase of the project would be to replace the wreaths. There are various options being considered. The current goal is to raise $10,000. Donations are greatly appreciated and need to be confirmed by Nov. 1, 2018. Please make donations payable to and mail to the Ottoville Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 275, Ottoville, Ohio 45876.