To the editor:

The mission of HHWP Community Action Commission is to reduce the conditions of poverty by providing comprehensive services to improve lives. United Way of Putnam County is helping HHWP CAC to fulfill that mission every day.

Your local United Way typically provides HHWP CAC with $10,000 per year in funding which is earmarked to provide aid in covering the cost of prescriptions for people who are simply unable to afford them.

In order to receive help, individuals must show a doctor’s prescription and be a documented resident of Putnam County. With the high costs of many prescriptions, this service is vital to the health and well-being of the community. Every year, until funding runs out, our Putnam County Caseworker diligently serves those in need of prescription assistance at our Ottawa office.

In 2015, the average voucher was $114.88. So far in 2016, HHWP CAC has issued 82 vouchers for prescriptions with United Way of Putnam County funding. Almost half of the households served included a child or senior citizen.

Giving to United Way is a good investment in the health of your community and neighbors, and HHWP Community Action Commission thanks you for your support!


Joshua Anderson, Executive Director

HHWP Community Action Commission