Facebook presented me today with a photo taken during the 2015 Putnam County Fair. The image is of a boy grinning through a soap bubble stretched from a a wand across the midway. The evening sun glints in the young man’s braces. In that moment, he is on the younger side of preteen, more joy than cool guy on his way to meet his friends for the demo derby.

The Putnam County Fair is destined to be hot or chilly, with at least one thunderstorm to decide the temperature. As one of the first county fairs of Ohio summer, there’s no getting around that. It’s too early for pumpkins, towering shocks of corn and freshly canned produce, so the midway is the place to be for brilliant color. Professor Bubblemaker is one of my favorites, with his filmy rainbows that envelope whole walking parties. I also love the dairy barn, even if most of, if not all, the cows are Holsteins (Go Jerseys!)

One of My Steven’s first public Putnam County excursions was to the fair. I dragged him about, showing off my black clad, earringed boyfriend in the Pandora Boosters tent. He rode along with our extended family to watch the July 4th fireworks from ‘Sugar Beet Road.’

My Facebook feed also shared a photo of a taco stuffed inside the visor compartment of a car. Steve’s out there today, with a fair food grocery list in his pocket. How many Belgian waffles will fit in my car’s console? I’ll let you know.