I received my first Christmas card for the season on Saturday. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I still enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards.

I may say Happy Birthday on Facebook, but I still want to say Merry Christmas in a card. Every year I design my own cards featuring pictures of my husband and I along with pictures of our grandchildren. Sometimes I remember and put in pictures of our kids and their spouses.

I also enjoy receiving Christmas cards. It’s my way of staying in touch with family and friends all over the country. I especially enjoy receiving cards with pictures or little notes inside.

The newsletters I receive keep me updated on new jobs, moves and family successes. I enjoy them.

As a writer I thought about doing my own newsletter. I decided against it since I didn’t think everyone would appreciate my sense of humor. I would probably include things like:

-Finally lost five pounds in September. Gained it all back in October when I ate the kids’ Halloween candy.

-Redecorated the house this year. (Actually, just put a larger television in the bedroom)

-Got another deer this year. My husband said to quit using my car as the weapon.

Do you see what I mean? My Christmas newsletters may not be appreciated by everyone.

I keep each year’s cards I receive in a file. I enjoy looking back at the cards and recalling the memories of the person who sent the card. Many have since passed away, but their little notes inside the card bring back happy recollections.

I’ve had some friends say they keep the cards I send them and look back each year on how my family has changed. I don’t think you could do that as well with an email or Facebook message.

I’ll keep sending my cards out. It’s in the yearly budget.