To the editor:

I usually find many reasons to not set down and write a letter about something that is very important to me, my family and the county we live and work in. However, it is time to do that very thing as the General Election is just a few short weeks away.

Of all the elected officials and candidates for public office I have met and worked with over the years, I have never known one that has taken the time to get to know the needs of all the geographic areas of the office he is running for than candidate for Putnam County Commissioner Michael Lammers.

Even before he declared his candidacy for this office he made it his job to visit villages, townships, fire departments and local organizations. There isn’t a candidate that knows more about the needs and concerns of our county than Michael. He has devoted countless hours of his personal time so that those needs are brought to his attention. He has a passion for the office he is seeking and will have each one his constituents hard earned tax dollars first on his agenda.

Michael was recently called a “Grizzly Bear” in a letter to the editor. I don’t know about you but I want a “Grizzly Bear” looking after my tax dollars in the commissioner’s office.

I encourage you to vote for Republican Michael Lammers as County Commissioner in the November General Election.

David B. King

Columbus Grove