To the Editor:

Now the rest of the story ... This is in reference to the article printed in the April 4 issue of the Sentinel. The following was missed.

The pregnancy testing and ultrasounds are very important in verifying a pregnancy. The reports from these tests can be sent to the woman’s doctor. This can help them get started with early prenatal care, which is very important in the protection of the mother and child’s health during pregnancy. The new ultasound machine is very important to the center. It is amazing to show a woman the truth of what the baby looks like when still in utero. With the baby’s heartbeat and jumping in the first trimester, many babies’ lives are saved. This machine gives us the ability to see a fetal heart rate at six weeks and one day via abdominal probe.

From the 19 parishes and donations that went directly to Heartbeat of Lima, $59,312.66 was raised. This was an outstanding collection directed to save the lives of the unborn.

At a Knights of Columbus Supreme convention in 2009, this program was initiated. The Knights of Columbus-Worldwide has about two million members. As of November 2017, the Supreme office has helped purchase 752 ultrasound machines — $36 million — in all 50 states and Canada, Guatemala, Jamaica and Peru.

The local Knights of Columbus and Heartbeat of Lima would like to give their deepest thank you to everyone who took part in this collection! Many lives will be saved by your efforts!

If you are interested in volunteering at Heartbeat, or if you know someone that could use their services, please contact them at (419) 222-7945.

Allen and Putnam Counties K of C Councils,
Len Kruse