Thanksgiving is over. If you’re like me the leftover turkey is either eaten or in the freezer.

Now I can officially get ready for Christmas. For me that means decorating Christmas trees.

I love decorating Christmas trees.

When my children were young (that’s been a few years) I always had a tree up for both. My son would decorate his tree with drum ornaments. He loved drums. My daughter had those tiny teddy bear ornaments. I had my rocking horse collection on a larger tree.

Of course, there was always THE TREE. This was the tree that included ornaments collected through the years. As we decorated this tree, we recalled memories of the person or place where we got the tree.

Now I usually only put up one four-foot tree and a few shorter trees at my house. That doesn’t mean my love of trees has gone away.

Ask Beth Myers, coordinator of the Christmas Tree event, at the Putnam County Library whether I like Christmas trees or not.

When she calls about the event her question to me is not whether I’m going to contribute a tree. It is how many trees I will be bringing.

I love this event at the library. This always puts me in the Christmas mood. I plan to attend Saturday’s kick off to see the trees that have been contributed. I won’t mention how many trees I contributed this year. My husband may read this column and understand now why I always have so many trees we must store each year.

There are many ways people celebrate the season besides decorating trees. Some of my friends like to bake and decorate cookies. Those who know my cooking skills understand why I don’t do this. It would keep the local fire department too busy and drain the batteries on my smoke detector.

Others enjoy Black Friday shopping. More power to them. I’m not good with crowds and well, for some reason, there is always a crowd on Black Friday.

Some people have already bought their gifts. They are also ready to do the fancy wrapping with bows and ribbons. I’m a ‘bag and tag’ kind of wrapper.

I hope you are doing whatever puts you in the mood for Christmas. We all need to enjoy this ‘feel good’ time of year.