I feel compelled to write regarding the article in the March 6 edition of the PC Sentinel. Growing up in a loving family, on a farm in Putnam County, I dare to say, we would wish the best for all of our siblings. The world seems to have changed. Everywhere you look, there is dissension and ill will.

The main parties of our county have nothing good to say about each other. Hate and disagreements seem to be the battle cry. But I still feel, we people in Putnam County, can rise above this and are better people than most communities.

I realize allegations of nepotism have been sent to the OEC board. Al Hueve, President of the Health Board, has stated he will work with them in solving any impropriety if it is found. Prosecuting Attorney Gary Lammers has stated that nothing criminally wrong has been done (I find Gary a fine lawyer and prosecutor. I guess people could say I’m prejudiced; he’s my first cousin. My maiden name was Lammers.)

Our PC HomeCare and Hospice is the best! I know this first-hand, as I have had them come into my home twice within the last few years. I applaud Kris Bellman, Hospice Corrdinator, for her striving to maintain PCHH as the BEST care-giving organization. Informing others that her sister, Stacy Alt, was a candidate to interview as a physical therapist, in my mind, is not wrong. Kris has to be proud of this organization and would only want the best possible people to work for it.

Stacy Alt came to my home to help me this past month of February, along with another therapist, Amy Utendorf, and two of their wonderful nurses. These ladies were impeccable with their knowledge, showing and suggesting little day to day things to help me heal and get back on my feet. They work together as a team. Each one is a respectful, kind, and self-giving person. We don’t know what they all encounter going from home to home, yet each time they came in with smiles and hearts of gold. I feel they went out of their way to assist me the best they could.

Kris Bellman, I don’t know you, personally, but if you or your sister, Stacy Alt, need anyone to come to your aid, I volunteer. I want to personally thank you and all of the staff and former board members for giving yourselves to better our county