January 10, 1919

J. W. Halker, died at his house at Glandorf, on Wednesday evening. On New Year’s eve he had gone to the barn to do his chores and feeding, climbing into the hay mow to throw down corn fodder for the stock. One of the shocks caught and Mr. Halker in attempting to loosen it, lost his balance and fell. He was terribly bruised and jarred, but was able to crawl to the door of he barn and call for help. Passing friends and neighbors heard his cries and carried him into the house when medical aid was summoned. Besides being bruised and jarred he suffered internal injuries that resulted in paralysis of the bowels. On Wednesday evening an operation was had in the hope that his life might be saved, but medical skill and tender care were of no avail and he passed away shortly after the operation. …In his passing the village of Glandorf loses one of its most valuable citizens and the business enterprises and organizations of which he was a member, a wise counselor and friend. He leaves one brother and two sisters to mourn their great loss, his wife having preceded him in death

January 7, 1944

Russell Burrill, twenty- seven, was killed in action according to a telegram received Tuesday morning by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Burrill, of near North Creek. The telegram from the war department did not give the date or place that the young man was fatally injured, but added that a letter would follow. Rusell was a member of the United States Marines and enlisted for service in August 1940. He was born near North Creek in September, 1916, and with the exception of the time spent in service lived most of his life in that community. He is survived by his parents; a brother, Norman, at home; two other brothers, Elmer and Nelson, with the U. S. army overseas; three sisters, Mrs. Edna Riddig, of Holgate; Mildred, at Santa Monica, Calif.; and Mrs. Florence Riordan, of Lansing, Mich. The latter’s husband is also in the service.


Two cars were involved in an automobile collision two miles west of Ottoville Monday evening at five o’clock, sending one occupant, Mrs. Emmett Morris of southwest of that village to the Van Wert hospital suffering from lacerations and internal injuries. Sheriff Potts was called to investigate the accident and reports that the woman was given medical attention by a Grover Hill physician before she was removed to the hospital. The seriousness of her internal injuries were not determined immediately. Mrs. Morris was accompanied by her husband who was driving the car west on route 224. The second car going north on a township road was driven by Mrs. Gilbert Sanders of northwest of Ottoville. Mrs. Sanders was accompanied by her sisterin- law, Miss Marjory Sanders. Mrs. Morris and the two women in the Sanders car escaped with minor bruises. The Morris car turned over and came to a stop on the opposite side of the ditch as the result of the impact and was completely demolished. The Sanders car was badly damaged.

January 9, 1969

The Putnam County sheriff’s department is continuing its investigation of a break-in which occurred at the John Pittner TV shop in Ottoville on the night of December 26. Vandals did extensive damage to two television sets and some test equipment. One piece of equipment was stolen. The loss was estimated at $400.


Continental firemen were called to the scene at 10:45 p.m. January 1 to extinguish a fire in a car owned by Pete Bear, Continental. The automobile caught on fire one mile north of Continental. Bear told firemen he was enroute to work when his car suddenly burst into flames. Cause of the fire has not been determined. The blaze gutted the interior of the vehicle and broke all the glass. The loss was covered by insurance.


Kalida’s Wildcats returned to the basketball court after a two week layoff on Saturday night and were edged out by Crestview on a last-second desperation shot 55-54. The Knights Mike Moreland won the game for his team when he fired from mid-court just before the final buzzer to settle the see-saw issue.

January 12, 1994

Mildred Klausing stood in front of a special bulletin board made in her honor by third grade students at Sts. Peter and Paul School. Klausing is retiring after serving 38 years as a cook.


Pack 224 Ottawa Cub Scouts had 18 Webelo II Scouts who received their Arrow of Light award on December 18. These boys joined Troop 224 at the first meeting of 1994 on January 3. They include Ryan Honifort, Jeff Meyers, Nick Ford, Patrick Sunderhaus, Mark Unterbrink, Justin Schroeder, Justin Salsburey, Kyle Leatherman, Scott Lanwehr, Curtis Agner, Phillip Sunderhaus, Jason Inkrott, Chris Kuhlman, Josh Niese, Robert Love, Nathan Vonder Embse Nathan Heringhaus and Derek Hall. Their Webelo leaders are Loni Honingfort, Connie Sunderhaus and Pat Agner.