November 22, 1918

Irvin Yeisley, his wife, mother, two daughters and Mrs. Anna Prinkhurst of Port Clinton, had motored to Leipsic to visit Rev. E. J. Yeisley, a Chaplain at Camp Taylor, but who was at his home at Leipsic, on last Sunday. They started on their return journey from Leipsic about 11:30 o’clock on Monday, driving a six cylinder Buick automobile and had the machine enclosed with curtains. As they reached the county line, two miles west of Belmore, the driver’s vision had become obscured by the rain on the wind shield. Mr. Irvin Yeisley, who was driving stopped the machine to make sure of the turn, and as he started he felt the machine skidding, calling on the occupants to jump. Before any of them could get out of the machine, it had skidded into an eight foot ditch turning over and trapping the people underneath. The rains of Sunday and Monday had caused the ditch to flow with water and the machine fell across the ditch in such a manner that the wind shield acted as a dam. The occupants, pinned under the car, were compelled to watch the water slowly rise. Mr. Yeisley managed to get his foot on the button for the electric horn and the sound attracted help of the nearby farmers. As they came to the rescue the water had risen to such a height that Mrs. Sarah Yeisley, 74 years of age, Mrs. I. T. Yeisley, 36 years of age, Phylis Yeisley, 10 years of age, were drowned while Mr. Yeisley, Bertha Yeisley and Mrs. Prinkhurst were still able to hold their heads above the water when rescued. The car was lifted up and the bodies of the three victims were conveyed to the morgue at Leipsic where they were prepared for burial. The remaining occupants of the car were taken to the home of Rev. Yeisley where attention and medical aid was rendered.


November 26, 1943

Two automobiles with their four occupants were involved in an automobile collision at a highway intersection two and one-half miles west of Columbus Grove on the West street road Tuesday morning at eight o’clock. The cars were badly damaged and the occupants were badly shaken-up, bruised and received other injuries. James and Doyle Firgley of Rockport, received side and leg injuries and were removed to Memorial hospital, Lima, in an ambulance for treatment. William Pontias, also of Rockport and driver of the machine, escaped with minor bruises. The three men were on their way hunting. The other machine was driven by Louis V. Miller of Russells Point. The Pontias car was traveling north and the Miller car was going west when they collided.


Glenn Sarber of Columbus Grove and Continental, addressed the Ottawa Kiwanians Monday evening at their weekly meeting. He discussed articles on current events appearing in recent issues of magazines. Ralph Dush served as program chairman for the evening. Major Del Doepker and Cpl. Leonard Holtgreven, both of Ottawa, and both home after serving more than one and one-half years in the Pacific war area, were also present and spoke briefly on their experiences.


November 28, 1968

Following a fire which Ottawa firemen were able to extinguish before major damage was done, Fire Chief Guy Kersh issued a plea and warning to local businessmen to refrain from letting rubbish collect behind their stores. About $50 damage was done when such a pile caught fire behind Mary’s Shopping Center at 4:05 p.m. Tuesday. Kersh said this is the fourth such fire to break out in the local business district within the last year. “So far we have been lucky and have been able to get them out before serious damage has been done,” Kersh said, “but if one of these would have occurred during the night we could have been in for a major tragedy.” He is asking all businessmen to see to it that refuse does not pile up and keep it away from the buildings. He says they have no way of knowing whether any of the fires have been deliberately set, but officials are considering that possibility. Tuesday’s fire was discovered at 4:05 p.m. and when firemen arrived flames were burning up a rear wall and doorway. Minor damage was done to the back of the building.


Continental firemen were called twice Monday morning to extinguish a fire which destroyed a house trailer in the Charles Minor Trailer Court in that village. Three occupants of the trailer escaped uninjured when the first blaze broke out about 5:20 a.m., but the trailer and its contents were completely destroyed. Firemen were on the scene for about one hour the first time, but were unable too save the trailer. A second call was turned in at 11:47 a.m. when a blaze broke out again in the ceiling insulation of the trailer, and were on scene for 20 minutes again. Cause of the fire was not determined, and the amount of loss was not estimated. The trailer was owned by Mr. Miner and occupied by Gene McClurg.


Ken Von Lehmden had his second 30-point game of the season and became the first Putnam County cager to go over the 100-point mark as he led Ft. Jennings to an easy 99-71 conquest of Gomer Saturday night.


December 1, 1993

Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatcher Linda J. Colley, has been selected for the 1993 Ohio State Highway Patrol Telecommunications Award at the Lima Post. The selection of Colley, 32, is in recognition of outstanding service during 1993 at the Lima Post as a dispatcher. Post troopers and radio dispatchers chose Colley based on technical job knowledge and ability, enthusiastic work attitude, teamwork, and prompt and courteous response to the public’s requests for information and assistance. Dispatcher Colley joined the Highway Patrol in 1989. Originally from Columbus Grove and a graduate of Columbus Grove High School she attended and graduated from Ohio State Beauty Academy. Other patrol awards received are Telecommunications Award in 1990, 1991, and 1992.


Hunting accident claims thumb. John and Chad Eickholt, Cloverdale, were riding in a boat near the roadside rest on St. Rt. 224 on November 26 when they saw a squirrel and pulled up to the bank. Chad lost his balance as he was trying to shoot the squirrel. He fell in the water and shot his father’s hand. BB wounds were also found in his face and forehead.