April 12, 1918

On last Tuesday, Shondel & Deck narrowly escaped losing one of their team of mules. AB & O train had been switching on the side track and had spotted a car of coal for the firm. The crew had advised the driver of the team that they were done switching on that track and he backed up on the track to load his dray, when the engine was switched onto the track again. The engine backed into the car of coal, dragging the mules a distance of about twenty-five feet, demolishing the dray and tearing the harness into bits. Neither of the mules were injured.

On Wednesday evening, April 10 about nine o’clock, the home of George Schmidt, on the Gore’s road northeast of Leipsic Junction, was discovered on fire. The building was of frame construction and finished with plastering boards and paper, causing the fire to spread with great rapidity. Mr. Orville Young, a mail carrier of Leipsic, was the first to discover the fire and arrive on the scene. Through the flames the gathering neighbors could see Mr. Schmidt sitting in a rocking chair in the front room. But the flames were already bursting through the doors and windows and it was impossible for any human being to approach the burning building, let alone to enter and attempt the rescue of Schmidt. Friends and neighbors were compelled to stand helplessly by while the flames in savage cruelty reduced the aged man to ashes. Mr. Schmidt, though 90 years of age, was still engaged in purchasing eggs and poultry from the farmers, and was out on Wednesday evening, he unhitched his horse and putting the halter over the bridle tied him in the stable and retired to the house. The theory of his friends is that he had suffered a stroke of paralysis, or being chilled by the cold winds of Wednesday and was resting and warming by the fire when the warmth of the fire kindled in the stove brought a restful sleep, and that he did not awaken as the stove became hot enough to set fire to the building. He apparently had answered the last call as the fire raged, for at no time was he noticed to make any move or struggle. Mr. Schmidt leaves a son, Felix, who runs a drug store in Hamler, and a daughter, Mrs. Phillip Wise, residing near Leipsic.

April 9, 1943

Miss Mary Jane Kerner, daughter of Charles Kerner of Ottawa, has successfully passed the examination for entrance in the woman’s corps of the U. S. Marines. She took the exam at Cleveland last week. Miss Kerner will report at Husters College, N. Y. for preliminary instructions and duty the last of this month. At the present she is employed in Lima.


Imagine the surprise of two brothers meeting in a restaurant in Northern Africa, when neither knew exactly where the other was. That was the pleasure of two Ottawa boys recently when they discovered that “tis a small world after all.” Pvt. Joseph Brickner, with the electric division, and Pvt. Clarence Brickner, with a tank division, accidentally met in a restaurant according to a letter received by their father, Joseph L. Brickner of Ottawa. One of the boys was eating in the restaurant when the other walked into the establishment for the same purpose. After a short visit the boys made arrangements with their officers to spend the night together. Pvt. Joe left the United States in July 1942, while Clarence has been in Africa for several months. Both were stationed in England for some time before they were transferred to North Africa.

April 11, 1968

The Putnam County sheriff’s department is investigating six burglaries which occurred in the western part of the county since Friday night, all of which officials believe are related. The thieves got very little in five of the six break-ins, but at the Felix Calvelage gas station in Ft. Jennings they obtained $203 on Monday night. On Friday the Pohlman Brothers dairy equipment building was entered south of Delphos and five gallons of gasoline were taken. Also that night the Ottoville Clay Products office building was broken into by breaking out a window and $15 was taken. The thieves also entered the Verhoff Concrete Products building at Continental that evening but took nothing. Two other places besides the Calvelage gas station were hit in Ft. Jennings on Monday. A front door was pried open at the Ft. Jennings Telephone exchange but nothing was taken, and they attempted to break into the Dickman Restaurant by forcing a back door, but were unable to get anything.


Continental committed eight errors but Leipsic had to go nine innings to beat the Pirates in a Putnam County league baseball game Monday afternoon 6-4. All of Leipsic’s runs were unearned.


Columbus Grove’s baseball team lost a double header to Defiance Saturday afternoon, but came back with a 10-7 win over Hamler Monday.

April 14, 1993

District Pinewood Derby winners were: Webelo II Paul Delgado, first place; Travis Imm, second; and Joe Schnipke, third. Webelo I Guy Endsley, first; James Gilgenbach, second; and Chad Lauf, third. Bear - Brian Dotson, first; Eric Vennekotter, second; and Jason McElwain, third. Wolf -f Adam Dian, Best of Show; Jacob Lammers, first; Adam Schmitz, second; and Brent Rieman, third. Tiger - Dustin Shively, first; Brian Meyers, second; and Neil Schnipke, third.


The Easter Bunny congratulates winners of the Easter egg hunt held at Hilty Memorial Home, Pandora. They included; Scotty Ballinger, Amber Utrup, Candace Diller, Lindsey Core, Olivia Verhoff, Levi Fredricks and Sara Jane McCullough.