Evelyn Martin - Putnam Sentinel

May 2, 1919

While engaged in tearing down a shed on the farm of Ben R. Recker, one and one-half miles south of Continental, Ben Westenbarger, 35, of Kalida, was instantly killed. He had been working for Mr. Recker and was engaged at the time of the accident in tearing down an old shed. In removing the siding the support of the roof gave way, causing the roof, which was 30 by 24, to crash to the ground. Westenbarger was caught under the falling timbers and suffered a broken back, resulting in instant death. A fellow workman, who was engaged about forty rods distant noticed the accident and immediately rushed over to the building and seeing Westenbarger under the wreckage, immediately called for assistance and removed the injured man. Mr. Recker was called and took Dr. Sheibley with him to the farm. On their arrival they found the man removed and an examination disclosed the fact that death had been instantaneous. Mr. Westenbarger resided in Kalida with his invalid sister, to which place his remains were taken. The funeral will be held today, Friday.

The wind storm of last week done a large amount of damage throughout the northern part of this county. It started in Perry township going east, passing through Perry, Palmer, Liberty and Van Buren. In Perry township many telephone poles, sheds and trees were blown down. In Palmer township the barn of Henry Stuber was blown down, besides many sheds, trees, etc. In Liberty township sheds, fences and trees were also blown down. In Van Buren telephone poles, trees, etc. were demolished while in Monroe township considerable damage was also done.


Mr. Samuel Krohn, one of the best and most widely known residents of Putnam county, died at his home in Pandora, on Wednesday evening of last week, at the age of 71 years and 21 days. The deceased was born in Pendleton (now Pandora), April 4th, 1848, where he resided all his life. He was married to Miss Lucy A. Day, Dec. 23rd, 1869, whom with two sons and two daughters survive him. Mr. Krohn was a very highly respected citizen, being connected with various enterprises for many years. He was engaged in mercantile pursuits, farming, live stock buying and other occupations of a busy life. He also held a number of positions as township and village officials. When only of the age of 15 years he enlisted as a soldier in the Civil War and was a member of Co. G. 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry and on Sept. 23rd, 1863, entered upon his duties as a soldier, and participated in a number of important battles connected with that war. During a part of his life he was a member of the Masonic fraternity and also a member of the Knights of Pythias.

May 5, 1944

Chief of Police Klausing reports a slight epidemic of lost gasoline tank caps from automobiles in recent days. The officers have come to the conclusion that the loss is due to the intentional acts of small boys walking past the cars and giving the caps a turn with their hand. The officers are asking the children to discontinue this practice and request the parents to explain to the children the inconvenience and sometimes the seriousness caused by such actions.


A serious fire which threatened the lives of three people occurred Monday morning at the farm home occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schimmoeller and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schimmoeller, one and one-half miles north of Ft. Jennings. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schimmoeller had gone to the barn to do the morning chores, when a truck driver from Delphos passed the home and discovered the flames. It is believed that an oil stove in the summer kitchen exploded and started the blaze which spread rapidly to the main part of the residence. The two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schimmoeller was sleeping in an upstairs room at the time and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schimmoeller were sleeping in a downstairs room. They were rescued from the burning residence, but Mr. Schimmoeller was already in an unconscious condition as the result of inhaling smoke and fumes. He was revived shortly after being removed to the outside. The Kalida and Ottoville fire departments were called and raised neighbors who responded in trying to bring the flames under control. The home, a six-room frame building, was gutted and the kitchen and summer kitchen were completely destroyed. All of the household goods, clothing and personal goods in the home were also consumed by the flames. The loss was partly covered by insurance.


May 1, 1969

About $20 in cash was stolen from the Point View Restaurant in Pandora early last Thursday morning by burglars who broke through a window and made off with the cash register. The Putnam County sheriff’s department, which is still investigating the incident, said that the cash register was found on County Road 3 about one and one-half miles northeast of Pandora.


Foul, cold, windy, half-snow and rainy weather greeted the fishermen who participated in the Ottoville quarry trout festival recently. The festival was co-sponsored by the Ottoville Sportsman’s club, whop awarded a cash prize of $5 to the anglers taking the four largest trout. First prize went to 12-year-old Jeff Martin, Delphos, for a 141/2 inch trout. Other winners included Dave Buecker, Ottoville; Henry Siebeneck, Kalida; and Bob Hilver, Ottoville.

May 4, 1994

Kendra VonderEmbse entered her mother, Janice VonderEmbse, in the Mother of the Year contest. Janice, and her husband Dan, have four children and reside in Ottawa. “It makes me feel very special to know my daughter thinks of me this way.” she said.


Kalida completed a sweep of a home and home series with Cory-Rawson Monday winning 7-5 on the Hornets home field. On Friday the Wildcats had defeated the Hornets in Kalida, in a pitchers duel 1-0. Kalida is now 9-5 on the season, while the Hornets are 8-4.