You’ll excuse the headline. What with a new Elton John biopic in commercials now, the play on this song kept looping though my brain as another thunderstorm hit in the last minutes of last week. One bolt whomped very close, shaking the ground less than a hand clap after lightning flashed. The hound dog scrambled under the bed, dislodging storage boxes, books and odd socks. By morning, two cats and another dog were on top of the mattress. Our landline phone was on the floor several feet from its cradle and the jack was framed in charcoal.

If you were awake to hear the storm, you might have got up to check a faucet to see if someone left a tap running. Someone did…outside. After receiving a photo taken in Findlay along the Blanchard River, our child called to see if we were underwater. A duck was snorkeling near the henhouse. Otherwise, we are mushy but OK. Putnam County will only experience minor flooding, according to the National Weather Service. Less than a week before, we were calling our child to make sure her Dayton-area home was still standing.

Dale Bridenbaugh said that he and his brother were able to plant soybeans and corn on Saturday. “Now we wait to see if anything happens,” he said. I dusted off my seed packets and planted our garden this morning. We will, too: wait and see.

As we unloaded recycling near the Putnam County Fairgrounds this afternoon, two people were shaking their heads over the water in their rain gauges, pools standing in fallow fields, the politics of dancing, etc. “Wonder what’s happening,” wondered one as his pickup truck idled nearby. We could feel cool conditioned air pumping out the open window of the cab.

We’ll just have to wait and see.