o the editor:

My time spent as State Representative for Putnam County and much of the rest of Northwest Ohio has given me the privilege to meet and serve many great people. I have had the chance to meet and help constituents from across my district with their issues and I have had the privilege to develop working relationships with many elected leaders from across Henry, Williams, Fulton and Putnam Counties. In all my dealings across Northwest Ohio, I have not come across anyone who cares as much for his home county as candidate for Putnam County Commissioner Michael Lammers.

From my very first interaction with Michael Lammers, it was clear that he viewed it as his duty to serve his community. This has been shown time and time again through Michael’s devoted and consistent attendance and participation at local organizations’ meetings. Even before he was running for county commissioner, Michael Lammers made it a point to frequently and regularly attend meetings for fire departments, villages, townships, and agricultural groups from across Putnam County. Michael did this because he cared about the direction and people of Putnam County and about what he may be able to do to help.

Michael Lammers is now taking that same approach of care and concern for Putnam County in his effort to become County Commissioner. His level of devotion is uncommon among most public servants I have come across throughout Northwest Ohio and I think he would do an excellent job as County Commissioner. I urge you to vote for Republican Michael Lammers as County Commissioner.

State Representative Rob McColley