To the editor:

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio would like to encourage you to support United Way of Putnam County with their investment in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This once-a-year appeal gives all girls in Putnam County an opportunity to participate in our program.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience encourages girls to discover themselves and their values, interests, and skills; connect with others locally and globally; and take action to create sustainable solutions to issues of concern to them. Through a unique combination of grade level services including girl-led, hands-on, and small group cooperative learning activities that are fun and enriching, Girl Scouts builds self-confidence, creative decision-making skills, teamwork, and real-world leadership abilities that will last girls a lifetime.

After participating in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, over 328 Putnam County girls, guided by 85 adult volunteers, have joined thousands of other Girl Scouts in being prepared for student, work, and life success.

When you give to the United Way of Putnam County you help improve the quality of life for all Putnam County residents. These are your friends, family, and neighbors. Plus, 100 percent of your gift stays right here in Putnam County. Join us in advancing the common good in our county.

For information visit or call (419) 523-4505.

Angela Tennaro

Director of Regional Services

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio