In the upcoming weeks there will be a lot of talk about a disease that no one really wants to hear much about. And that disease is cancer.

With the annual Putnam County Relay for Life just a little over a month away its time for everyone to start taking notice of this annual. This annual event brings families, neighbors, friends and strangers together for an evening to help raise money for a good cause. There are very few events around where one person's generosity can make the difference in the life of someone they may not know. That is the why Relay for Life events all over the county, state and nation have survived the test of time.

This year will mark the 26th year that Relay for Life will raise money for the American Cancer Society. The event began humbly, but ambitiously, in 1985 in Tacoma, Washington when a colorectal surgeon ran and walked around a track for 24 straight hours. Friends, relatives, patients and strangers paid money to take turns running laps with him. He raised $27,000 that first year for cancer research.

Today, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in 20 countries will raise millions of dollars for the American Cancer Society. Participants form teams that raise money in a variety of ways and then walk around a course in relay fashion, ensuring that at least one member of their team is keeping their group moving forward at all times. Participants and onlookers can also take part in the Luminaria ceremony where a candle is lit and names are read to remember those who have either beaten cancer into remission or have succumbed to the deadly disease.

Last year, Putnam County Relay For Life had another successful run as hundreds of people turned out to participate in this annual 18 hour event to walk laps, visit and take in all the sights.

While Relay for Life is a day long event, the committee members and team captains have been the past year getting ready for this years event June 4th and 5th at Ottawa-Glandorf High School on the running track. Their hard work over these past few months will all culminate in what they hope will be another successful fund raising campaign to help family members, neighbors, friends and strangers battling this deadly disease

Already teams taking part in this years event are holding fundraisers to make the 2010 edition of Relay for Life a success. And there will be more fund raisers coming up in the next few weeks. If you have not had the opportunity already to become part of a team or put one together now is the time. As the planning stages enter their final weeks its a great time to become part of team whether through work, family or just showing up that night and joining your neighbors under the stars at O-G.

If you like more information about the Putnam County Relay for Life event don't hesitate to call Vicki Pendergast. We're sure she be able to help you find your way to the event. And who knows you may drag along a few friends and help make this event a continued success.