The county spoke last week when they failed the library levy asking for operational funds.

The vote was not even close to passing and when all the votes were in it failed by a 2-1 margin.

People in and around Pandora had the right idea because they were the only two precincts that voted in favor of the levy.

The library offers free, informational items and almost everyone in Putnam County benefits from this great resource one way or the other. Where else can you go to get free movies, books, newspapers or magazines.

The last time we checked a Netflix subscription costs a minimum of $9.00 per month. This levy would have cost voters $2.54 per month. That's a pretty small fee for all the free things you receive from the library.

We know the background was not there with the construction of the new building but voters should have known that this money had nothing to do with the new building. It was strictly for operational costs that were once covered by money from the state. Most of the same people should have known the building was being built as a result of the old library building suffering from flood damage. This fact alone should have created a soft spot in people's heart to want to maintain a great resource throughout Putnam County.

Kelly Ward did a great job getting the information out there by going to countless community events and meetings to inform the public of what this levy would have paid for. We commend Ward on her dedication to the library and the ability to continue with operation of the library.

This week the library received 1,000 books from a Book It promotion through Pizza Hut giving them the ability to restock the library's book shelves. Hopefully more donations such as this will come through to help the library provide the county the services a library is meant to provide.

Good luck Putnam County Library, hopefully you can continue to operate and support this community and give them the information they desire.