The Putnam County Board of Developmental Disabilities will be asking voters to approve a .05 mill 10 year replacement levy on November's ballot. The levy is to cover operating and maintenance costs for Brookhill Center.

Without places like Brookhill, citizens of Putnam County would be left in the cold when it comes to helping people who are developmentally challenged. When a child is first diagnosed with a debilitating disease most parents already feel lost and confused as to how they are going to care for their loved one.

Brookhill's early intervention program serves over 75 infants by either providing classroom time or in home services. The teachers work hard to motivate, challenge and care for these young ones by preparing them for preschool and public school following their third birthday. One benefit of these programs is that sometimes all it takes is a little boost to get children back on target for development.

Serving over 130 adults, the industry side gives folks with a developmental disability a reason to get up in the morning by offering important tasks and jobs. If you visit the industries you'll see things like refrigerator shelves being assembled for Whirlpool or machinery parts being boxed up for RK Industries along with numerous other important jobs that not only support area businesses but motivate Brookhill's adult workers.

The speech by Steve Frick given at this week's complex being dedicated to Terry Leopold, a long time serving superintendent, described Leopold by using words like honor, heart and service. Let's help continue this great entity that Leopold worked so hard to build and support the citizens of Putnam County who are physically and mentally challenged. Please, vote yes in November.