Last week the trial for the proposed Blanchard Watershed Conservancy District was held. Numerous experts were called to the stand to testify of the tragedy and destruction the flooding caused.

The second part of the trial consisted of opposers of the conservancy district. Most of the people opposed for the same three reasons, they feared double taxation, too many levels of government and people were upset because they felt the current conservancy district was never asked to take on the mitigation project.

The formation of a new conservancy district would allow for more local control in regards to flood mitigation for the Blanchard River. People along the river certainly have a fear of being double charged for mitigation but how can that happen? Regardless of who takes on the mitigation project landowners will be assessed. It won't matter if the assessments come from Toledo or Findlay and truly, if the judges do rule in favor of a new district, maybe that could create jobs within our area. If we leave the mitigation up to the people up north, they are more than likely going to hire workers from out of our area.

We agree nobody likes to pay more taxes, but we also realize something needs to be done to mitigate flooding. The people of the community need the comfort of knowing that something is getting done. Don't you think it would be comforting to know the people working to mitigate the problem are people working from their heart?