Dr. Darla Lammers, President OSCA
Dr. Darla Lammers, President OSCA

OHIO — Recently, area Chiropractor, Dr. Darla Lammers, received a promotion of sorts. She is now President of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, a trade association representing the interests of Chiropractic practitioners throughout the state. The association breaks down into 14 districts, with Putnam being part of district seven.

“I started as an Assistant District Director 11 years ago and did that for three years,” Dr. Lammers says of her journey to the association’s executive office. “And then, I moved on to District Director, and I did that for three years.”

“From there, you have the opportunity to go onto the Executive Committee, which included the Secretary position. I thought about it. I prayed about it. And then, I decided, ‘Okay, I have to do it.’ Well, I lost to a guy out of Columbus.”

Thought admittedly discouraged by her loss, Dr. Lammers did not give up, saying, “I knew I always wanted to get on the Executive Committee.”

“I tried again the next year, and I won. Then I moved up to Treasurer, and then Vice President. But, to get to Vice President, I had to run against that same Chiropractor. This time, I won. Last year, I got the VP spot, and then that was a lead-in to the Presidency this year.”

Dr. Lammers was then asked about the association she now leads. “The Ohio State Chiropractic Association is an association that helps our colleagues in the state know the laws and regulations,” she answers. “It also protects them, so they know what they can and can’t do.”

“We talk to legislators on a regular basis. We talk to Medicaid and Medicare, Workers Comp, all the different insurance companies, to get chiropractic care covered better. That is a big goal of ours, to get parity with insurances.”

Such parity would lead to more affordable and better outcomes for all Ohioans, Dr. Lammers claims. “I think, years ago, people definitely came for us for, you know, ‘My back hurts,’ or, ‘I can’t stand up,’ and folks wanted to go see a chiropractor,” she says, “But, as time has gone on, and also with the opioids being overprescribed, people having an issue with the addiction part of it, and with their memory, and how the receptors fire in the brain, they’re coming to us for different things. Such as to keep the immune system higher, so you can fight off the common cold and other things.”

“It’s about just staying healthy. It’s a lifestyle. I want people to have a similar lifestyle as me because I feel like I’m a healthy person, and I can direct people to have their best quality of health.”

With her overall goals for the association clear, Dr. Lammers is asked what it means to have someone from Putnam County in the lead of a statewide organization. “I think it shows that, even from a small community, you can have people who make a difference…And, to add to that fact, I am the first female in the whole entire association’s 50-year history to be President.”

“That’s a feather in my cap, but I’m still a chiropractor also. I just think, being from a small community, I have my good work ethic, I have my leadership skills. I can approach anybody. It doesn’t matter what their race is or their religion. Everybody has a spine that I can work on.”

Dr. Lammers was inspired to go into chiropracty through experiences she had with her own family, beginning at a young age. She received her undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University, and then attended the National College of Chiropractic, which is part of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL.

As the association’s first female President, Dr. Lammers recognizes that she is something of a trailblazer. She also points out that, as a female chiropracty practitioner, she is quickly becoming unassumingly typical. “If not this year already, women are close to being 50-51% of the students in chiropractic school,” she says. OVERSET FOLLOWS:“That is amazing, and that is something that has obviously changed over the years.”