To the editor:

I want to remind people the importance of the Commissioners contest between Mike Lammers and Tony Wobler. I am a Republican and normally support the Republican Candidate. This year I feel different about my choice. Tony Wobler is everything that Mike Lammers isn’t. Tony unites people and brings them together to make good decisions. Mike likes to bully people and divide. He has tried to divide the local Republican party for his personal gain. Wobler is running a faith based campaign. He attends a different church every week to meet new people. Lammers likes photo ops and sitting in coffee shops. Wobler goes door to door in the county villages talking to people and learning from them. Lammers talks about family values. Wobler is a gold star father. After meeting Tony and how hard he works it isn’t difficult to see why his son was named the 82nd airborne soldier of the year prior to being KIA. Wobler openly professes his stand as Prolife, Conservative and pro gun. He has a history of standing up against complacency and doing the right thing. Lammers has limited experience in business. Wobler balanced a construction business for many years while working full time at the State. In addition Wobler was the Business and Human Resource administrator over an 8 County area for the Ohio Department of Transportation. He has been in meetings with officials including the Governor of Ohio. He prefers to gather subject matter experts to assist with major decisions. Lammers prefers to fire from the hip while Wobler likes to look at the entire issue and the effect it will have on the residents of Putnam County.

But it really comes down to meeting the two candidates. Wobler is respectful, knowledgeable, and treats others as if they are the most important thing in the world. Lammers is disrespectful to those that don’t agree with him and treats others as if they are a stepping stone for his advancement.

Vote Tony Wobler for Commissioner. A man you can trust.

Nick Chanler