To the editor:

Siefker was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps then started as a part-time Deputy. Sixteen years ago, was promoted to rank of Sergeant. Two and a half years ago assumed position of second in command, which is the Sheriff’s right-hand man. In this position, Siefker assists with interviewing, hiring; training staff; managing over a three million dollar budget; 80 employees and two K-9 dogs; a fleet of 25 vehicles; partake in various meetings that affect the residents of OUR county; Coordinator of the Ohio Traffic Safety Program; maintain property inventory, among other duties; assume a variety of other roles. Some of them include being a member of the Putnam County Opiate Task Force, one of the county’s first A.L.I.C.E. Instructors, Commander of the Tactical Special Response Team, member of the Underwater Search and Rescue Dive Team, Putnam County Honor Guard, and Domestic Violence Task Force. I am also a firearm’s instructor for the handgun, patrol rifle, and scoped rifles. I have two Lifesaving Awards and was the recipient of the 2002 Achievement Award from the Ohio Police of Chief’s Association.

Outside of the Sheriff’s Office, I am a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) instructor; a second generation volunteer fireman with the Glandorf Fire Department; a member of the Ottawa VFW, Ottawa Eagles, Knights of Columbus, Leipsic Fishing & Hunting Association and a current trustee with the Kalida Fish & Game. Siefker’s family is also a part of Glandorf St. John’s Parish.

Being is part of, serving, and getting to know the people of OUR community are very important to Siefker. Siefker being a proud member of this county all of his life, except for enlistment in the military, his whole life has been about service, starting with our country and Siefker would like to continue as your Sheriff. Please vote for Brian Siefker on November 8

Reid Thomas