To the editor:

There should be no Christian voting for Hillary when she has declared she is Pro-Choice and will nominate a Supreme Court Justice that is Pro-Choice. She said she would support Roe v. Wade. This is killing babies and is evil. Even if you personally don’t believe in abortions but vote Pro-choice you are guilty as well. You are giving approval to go ahead and have an abortion, even a partial birth abortion. No other way to think about it. There have been over 50 million abortions since 1973. Despicable!

Kaine is Catholic and has said he is personally against abortions but he is Pro-Choice. That is against Catholic teaching so he is NOT a Catholic in good standing.

We are coming to a fork in the road, and people have a choice as to which road they will take. One leads to evil (Pro-choice) and the other one to God (Pro-life) Trump and Pence are both Pro-Life.

Remember, God said he knew you before you were born. Also the Commandment of Thou Shall Not Kill.

Which road will you take? Good or Evil?

Sharon Ruhe

Miller City