To the editor:

As a pastor for a little over 40 years I have had the opportunity to know many people who have served in the public sector within the communities of the churches that I have served. While privately, when asked, I have been willing to share my thoughts regarding many who have run for public office, unlike any other time in my life, I am compelled to share my thoughts publicly about Dennis Cupp who is running for Putnam County Sheriff.

As his pastor and his friend, I believe that I know the heart of this man. Dennis has a heart to serve—not just his God but his community as well. Like a lot of young boys who wanted to grow up to be a cop, Dennis was dead serious about his calling and has done all that he can to be in the position that he is in. Graduating from high school he earned a degree in law enforcement and his first job was as a jailer for the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department. He served our county a total of 15 years in the Sheriff’s Office. Knowing that he needed additional experience to become a better law enforcement officer, Dennis transitioned from a deputy to a criminal investigator for the State of Ohio’s State Fire Marshall’s Office serving there for 18 years. When the opportunity for him to spend time in his hometown of Leipsic as the Chief of Police became available he accepted the position knowing that one of the important elements of serving eventually as Sheriff was to understand the administrative side of a department.

What I appreciate the most about Dennis is that this man is consistent in the way he lives his life in the Church and in the community. I have seen him in action and his walk is always consistent with his talk.

Dennis Cupp is certainly the right man for Sheriff of Putnam County. I hope you will give him your support, as I most certainly will, at the polls on Tuesday, November 8.

Tim Eding