To the editor:

This week, my wife and I traveled from St. Marys to Leipsic to watch a high school basketball game in which my son was playing. He was only 10 points from scoring his 1,000th career point, and we were lamenting the fact that this milestone was going to occur in the remote village of Leipsic. This tiny town is over an hour away from St. Marys, and we assumed that no one there would justifiably care about some opponent’s career achievement.

Boy, were we wrong!

After the 1,000th point was scored in the second half, Leipsic school personnel stopped the game and immediately announced to the crowd that a milestone had been achieved by a visiting St. Marys player. What happened next was a truly remarkable act of class and sportsmanship, which brought some tears to this parent’s eyes!

The entire Leipsic crowd (including fans, players, and coaches) arose for a sustained ovation for a visiting player whom they had never seen play before and probably had never even heard of before that night. Leipsic Head Coach Chris Kuhlman even came out on the floor to shake my son’s hand, and their AD, Gary Kreinbrink, presented him with the game ball.

It was an unexpectedly, heart-warming show of sportsmanship that created an indelible memory for my family.

As we left this tiny remote village after the game, we all agreed that we were actually glad that this event had occurred in Leipsic instead of any other town. Leipsic—-thank you for your “touch of class” that only added to an already memorable night for our family! We will never forget what you did!

Mike, Kelly, and Derek Jay

St. Marys